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Working together to support families of young children with developmental delays.

Our Core Services


1. Child Development


NS Early Childhood Development Intervention Services support families in enhancing their child’s development through the following services:

a) Information gathering and observation

b) Development of a child profile across various settings

c) Development of an individual family service plan  (IFSP)

d) Development of Routine Based Intervention Plans (RBIP)

e) Ongoing modeling and coaching of developmental activities and strategies within functional contexts.

f) Monitoring and reporting on child progress.


2. Family Support & Capacity Building


NS Early Childhood Development Intervention Services build family capacity by providing participatory experiences and opportunities that strengthen parenting knowledge & skills, and promote a positive sense of parenting competence and confidence. At the heart of this family-centered process is the recognition that families can identify their own concerns, resources and priorities. Developmental Interventionists work to support the family in their natural caregiving and decision-making roles, ensuring they have the information and resources they need to be successful advocates and strong supports for their child and family.


3. Transition Support


When a child moves from one setting to another, such as from home into a childcare program or into school, it is a stressful time of change for both the child and the family. NS Early Childhood Development Intervention Services assist in the transition process through systematic planning and the preparation of the child, the family and the receiving setting.


4. Case Coordination & Partnerships


Early Childhood Development Intervention Services is part of a range of community-based services and supports designed to strengthen families, improve parenting skills and foster healthy child development. The following case coordination and partnership services are provided:

a) Facilitating service coordination

b) Facilitating regular review and revision of service plans with families and team members

c) Providing consultation in community settings (e.g. childcare programs).


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